Deerfield River Fishing Report 4/9/19

Water temp has come up a couple of degrees (40-42) this week and the fish are starting to move. The water remains clear from Fife Brook Dam down to the Cold River confluence. Down river from then on is quite dirty all the way down river to the CT. There is also a lot more water the further down river you go towards Charlemont with the additional water coming in from the tributaries. I’ll write another report on Friday with an update on clarity and flows.

This is also the time to fish smaller rivers and tributaries. They tend to drain out quicker and become fishable sooner than the bigger rivers like the Deerfield. Some are starting to get stocked and you’ll never know if a hold over or wild fish is holding in that fishy spot unless you try it!

We have availability for float and wade trips. Give us a call or shoot us an email.

It’s been 50/50 for nymphs and streamers. Some strike viciously and others you have to drift the fly right into their mouth.

Pheasant Tail Nymphs 12-18, Natural/Olive Caddis Nymphs 10-16, Black/Brown/Golden Stones 8-12, Black Hare’s Ear 14-18, Sexy Walt 12-16, Prince Nymph 12-16, Copper Johns 12-16, Pink/Orange Hot Spot Nymphs 12-16, Rainbow Warriors 14-18,  Pink Squirmies 12. 

Woolly Buggers 6-10, Headbanger Sculpins, Sculpin Bunnie’s, Complex Twist Buggers can all get some quality fish. Get the flies down deep whether nymphing or chucking meet. Chuck something colorful or white at times as well.

Recommended equipment: 4-6 Weight Rods. WF And sink Tip Lines. 4X-6X Leaders and Tippet. Felt Soles, Felt + Studs, Rubber + Studs. Wading staff highly recommended

Water Flows for Fife Brook Dam can be found here:

Water release schedule for the next day is posted after 5pm. Check again before you head to the river. Minimum Flow 130 CFS (Cubic Feet/Second). Ideal for wading and Dry Fly Action. Normal Release 800-1,000 CFS

Catch and release area #1 starts at Fife Brook Dam and continues to the Hoosac Tunnel Bridge. Fishable Year Round. Catch and release area #2 starts where Pelham Brook enters the Deerfield and ends at the Rt2 bridge. Water release from Fife Brook Dam takes approx. 2 hours to reach this area. Normal Release 800-1,000 CFS