Deerfield River Fishing Report 11/27/19

Fishing has remained good this week but you do have to work for them. Woolly Buggers and small to medium streamers have been working well when the bite is slow. Once they turn on nymphing seems to be the way to go. The egg bite has tapered off a bit and they seem to be back on traditional PT, Stonefly and Caddis nymphs. Change up your retrieves and presentation when fishing streamers to see what they like. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nymphs: McCheese/Clown Eggs 14-16, Golden Stone 8-12, Pheasant Tail Nymphs 12-18, Tan/Olive Mops, Natural/Olive Caddis Puppa/Larvae 12-16, Soft Hackle Caddis Puppa 12-16, OCD Caddis 14-16, Natural Hare’s Ear Nymph12-16, Red/Copper Johns 12-16, Squirmies 12, Prince Nymph 12-14, Sexy Walt 12-16, Pink/Orange Frenchie 12-16.

Streamers: White/Olive Sculpzilla 8, Woolly Buggers Olive/Black 6-10, Bank Robber 2, Mini Headbangers, Complex Twist Bugger, Heisenberg Baby Bow/Cowboy/White 6,Mini DD, Sculpin Bunny, Black/Brown Rubber Bugger 4.

Dry/Wet Flies Blue Wing Olive 16-20, Light Cahill 16-18, Cream Usual 14-18, Olive/Tan Caddis 14-18, Purple Adams 14-18, Goddard Caddis 12-14, Tan/Olive Caddis 14-18, Adams/Parachute Adams 14-16Griffith Gnat 18-22, Orange/Olive/Natural Hare’s Ear soft Hackle Wet Flies 12-16.

Recommended equipment: 4-6 Weight Rods. WF And sink Tip Lines. 4X-6X Leaders and Tippet. Felt Soles, Felt + Studs, Rubber + Studs. Wading staff highly recommended

Water Flows for Fife Brook Dam can be found here:

Water release schedule for the next day is posted after 5pm. Check again before you head to the river. Minimum Flow 130 CFS (Cubic Feet/Second). Ideal for wading and Dry Fly Action. Normal Release 800-1,000 CFS