Deerfield River Fishing Report 7/30/17

Fishing has been good on the Deerfield. Temps on the lower half of the river have been hovering around 68 degrees and low 60’s on the upper half. They may spike up on the sunny hot days but go back down in the evening. The cloudy and cool days have been the most productive for anglers this week. Fish the riffles!

Elk Wing Caddis 14-18, Adams 12-16, Light Cahills 14-16,  Sulfurs 14-18, Yellow Sallie’s 14-16, Chernobyls 8-12,  Hoppers and Ants, PMX 8-12, Olive/cream Midges 20-24, Olive/Orange Stimulators 10-14, PMX 8-12, March Brown/GRHE Wet Flies 12-14, Soft Hackles 12-18, PT Nymphs 12-18, Olive/Natural Caddis Nymphs 10-16, WD 40 20-22, Zebra Midge 20-24, Hare’s Ear Nymphs 10-16, Black/Golden/Brown Stones 8-12, Deerfield Stone 14, Quill Jig 12-16, Sexy Walt Jig 12-16, Attractor Nymphs 10-18, Olive/Black/Brown Buggers 6-12 and other medium sized streamers 4-6.