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Deerfield Fly Shop is a full service fly shop offering quality equipment, flies, and fly tying materials. We are the only shop in Western Massachusetts devoted to fly fishing and are located just a few minutes from the Deerfield river. Whether you are new to fly fishing or an experienced angler we have what you need for a successful day on the water.
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Guided Float Trips    Guided Wade Trips     Fly Fishing Lessons
Rental Equipment Available
Wader/Boot Outfit   $45.00
Waders                         $35.00
Boots                             $10.00
Rod Outfit                   $30.00


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Beginner Nymph Fishing Class

BEGINNER NYMPH FISHING CLASS Saturday September 10 9AM-1PM This is a four hour introductory class focused on nymph fishing. Trout feed primarily on sub-surface insects or nymphs.  Being able to nymph fish is essential for productive trout fishing.  Learning the proper  techniques will greatly increase your catch rate. You will learn the basics of nymph fishing … Continue reading Beginner Nymph Fishing Class